This is a page so users can request rollback rights. Rollbacks can undo vandilism with ease. A community discussion is not required. A admin will check the user stats, and will give them to the user if he has met the generel requirements.

There is no Major requirments, but we would like you to have a good amount of mainspace edits(100+), and atleast some anti-vandalism activity, And we would like to know that you are trusted by other users.

What is a Rollback?

Rollback is an extension used for anti-vandalism and undoing multiple bad edits. A user that is granted with the tool can see a [rollback] link in page history, on the topmost edit. By clicking this link, all edits by that contributor are reverted into the last edit by someone else, in one click of the mouse. The edit summary for the action is "Reverted edits by Example (talk | block) to last version by Example2". This is most useful for reverting vandalism quicker.


You may request rollback rights, but you must have a good reason why you should be given rollback rights.

This a the format in which your request should go in.

The section of your request. example ==User==

Your reasoning and general request.

your sig.

All requests must go under this line.



The page was deleted for saying it was the "official UHC", even though I credited mindcrack for creating the page. I spent an entire day trying to build this pae back up, so I just would want my work to be recognised.


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