Minecraft Outrageous is an ultimate version of Minecraft that brings to you more.

Minecraft Outrageous Classic 1.0

MCO Classic 1.0 is the first version of MCO. It adds new stuff such as:

Free Mode

Free Mode is a combination of Survival and Creative Mode. You have hearts and hunger, but you can fly and get unlimited blocks. You also have 2 buttons that determine if you want the Creative inventory or the Survival inventory.

Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube is an energetic yet harmful food that will make you hyper for 15 real minutes. It will also add half a thing to your hunger, but will remove half a heart, so save those sugar cubes for when you need and can eat them!

Outrageous Mode

Outrageous Mode is a mode where you're allowed to live as if you were able to in the real world. You start at age 9 at school, where you're learning algebra. From here, live how you want! Get held back a grade! Be a millionaire! Or just simulate your own real life!

4K Mode

4K Mode is a simulation of Minecraft 4K where you can exit by pressing Esc, then typing "exit". You can also access options and inventory by typing "options" or "inventory".

Version Simulation Block

Version Simulation Block is basically a time machine that can take you to the 1st century, Minecraft Beta 1.8, anywhere in the universe that really happened! You can even migrate to other worlds you created with this baby!

Aqua Dimension

A new dimension.

Minecraft Outrageous Alpha 2.0

MCO Alpha 2.0 brings to you some more features such as:

Creeper Head Swarm

Flying Creeper heads.

Creeper Block

Blocks that spawn Creepers.

Skeleton Block

Blocks that spawn Skeletons.

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