1.17, otherwise known as the Cave Update, is the largest of pre-1.17. It was releases May 25th, 2021.

         Ore Additions

  -Finished Development of Ruby
  • The Nether version of Emeralds
  • Piglin bartering is much better
  • Same odds as Emeralds

Ruby Tools

  • Sword does 9 half hearts
  • Highest durability of all tools (For every tool -axe)
  • Axe does 5 half hearts
  • In between Iron and Diamond Durability
  • Pickaxe does 1/2 a heart
  • Has looting II (Without enchantment)
  • Mines 5/8 the speed of other pickaxes
  • Shovel does 5 half hearts
  • Dirt and sand does less onto it's durability, (1/4 as much)

Ruby Armor

  • It's diamond amour but it's immune to being set on fire, not immune to lava
128px-Block Nether Ruby Ore-1-

Nether Ruby Ore

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