This is Mailjesuru2's version of the Minecraftia creation myths.


There was just the void

In the begining, there was just the void. Withing the void, there was nothing, save a few particles floating arround here and there. All of a sudden, these particles began to come together, forming into particle clouds. From these clouds, two beings formed. These beings were compleately opposite in every way. The first being was known as Notch. Notch, who took on a humanoid form, was kind and gentle, filled with creativity and the will to build, create, and expand the universe. He spent his time creating Elements and building magnificant things. The other being was known as Ender. Ender was an almost non-sentiant mass of black, with two glowing purple eyes. It was long, with two "wings" and four "legs", an almost draconic form. It existed to destroy. It destroyed aall particles it came into contact with, making it almost impossible for notch to build. But Notch was rescourceful and created from Ender's hide two elements it couldn't destroy: Endstone and Obsidian. He created a realm to contain Ender, and bound him there with magic crystals attop obsidian pillars. At last, with ender sealed away, Notch was free to build a world, a world of creativity and light.
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