Muriminus is the final boss of the Warring Dimensions Mod. He resides in the Voidwarp Corruption and has 1200 health (600 Hearts).


The first time the Corruption is entered, Muriminus appears on the throne at the center of the dimension as soon as the player is inside.

Subsequent times the Corruption is entered if Muriminus is still alive, he will appear after around two seconds on the throne, in a flurry of smoke particles. Any previously destroyed Corruptinium Crystal pillars will be regenerated upon reentry.

Due to his status as a final boss, he has no respawn time and can only be respawned manually.


Muriminus drops the Final Chestplate when killed.


Muriminus is the size and shape of a player, using the same model. He has a black (literally black, not brown) skin with gray elements, as if charred. His eyes are dark, prominent red.


Muriminus is extremely fast, but stops often. It is nearly impossible to outrun him. He has the ability to fly but does not utilize it unless a player in the dimension is using an item like the Footwings.



Muriminus uses mainly a composite of the strongest of the other Voidwarp bosses' attacks.

Knock Off

An attack from the Mega Ghast, an extremely long snakelike arm emerges from his back, swiping viciously at the attacking player. With Jump Boost the player can jump over the arm as it swipes, but it is otherwise extremely difficult to dodge. It deals 8 damage (HeartHeartHeartHeart) and has powerful knockback, which can knock players near the edge of the Corruption into the void. It can also destroy most blocks, and will cause the Corruptinium Crystal pillars to explode. Building at the last second can sometimes work as a dodge, but the blocks will be destroyed from underneath the player.

Infinity Beam

This attack is from the Mjalnis Dragon. Muriminus pauses and charges the attack for about two seconds, glowing purple. This gives the player time to run. He then emanates a powerful lavender beam from his body for seven seconds, turning so that the beam will follow the player. It can be evaded fairly easily, but if it hits it deals 48 damage (24 Hearts), which will cause instant death even when protected by most types of armor. This attack also destroys blocks, and causes Corruptinium Crystal pillars to explode.




  • Muriminus is one of the primary antagonists in Creatures of the Void. His Creatures of the Void article is located his here.
  • Muriminus exists as a powerful force in GOTHICDEATH canon, primarily as a powerful dark magician and the controller of Desikos, who cast the Devil's Kiss on the Order of the Steed.
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