The Nameless Protagonist is the term used to describe the protagonist of Alone Again and Dark Outside.

He periodically has strange visions and dreams of The Place of Doors, where there are doors to everywhere and nowhere. When he dies in a violent way, he seems to respawn in his house. These powers have made the Protagonist slightly insane. However, in the case of old age and disease, the respawn will not affect him. He is spoken to by a mysterious voice, that tells him small bits of important but cryptic information. It also has an agenda: keeping the Protagonist from searching for his family, under the guise of danger. Some say the Protagonist will be important to the future of Minecraftia.

In the first story, he is quite thoughtful and philosophical.
In the second book, however, he is also philosophical at times, but is grim, serious and down-to-earth when it is needed.


The Nameless Protagonist is usually relatively sensible, but is occasionally angry and defeatist. He is also thoughtful and solitary. He dislikes being shot with arrows, either mind arrows or real ones. He is kind of used to being attacked by supernatural things, and is kind of resentful of gods in general due to his time in the mind amulet.

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