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Nether dragon NOOB

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The Nether Dragon is a Serpentine-Cuboid Dragon encountered during entrance of the Nether.

Unlike the Enderdragon, it does not fly often, unless attacked more than 5 times, they stomp around and breathe some fire, occasionally shooting a fire charge. Without at least a wooden sword, the damage you do will not effect it. All swords harm it, and Diamond and Gold swords are the best to use. Nether Dragons (when found and only, found in a far place) will close the Overworld Portal, but when defeated, the Overworld Portal appears right next to you If you die by some mobs and sssswsa, you have to fight the Nether Dragon again.

The Nether Dragon is imprisoned within an unknown Nether Fortress and, if you destroy one of the Blaze spawner triggers, it will be released. The Netherdragon, being more powerful than the Enderdragon, is a very deadly force of destruction. It will also spawn at least a dozen Withers to throw you off the track, but being registered as undead, the Withers won't harm it. Only when you have slain all the Withers will the Netherdragon become mortal. It can also brainwash all the Nether mobs to do it's bidding. The Netherdragon is a force to be reckoned with. When it dies, it will drop a rFire Core, which can be used to craft a Clarent Sword, the most powerful weapon in all Minecraftia. Be advised that if you have a Clarent Sword, then Creepers will follow you, but fortunately the sword makes it impossible for Creepers to harm you, including Ender Creepers and Fire Creepers. However, the sword can be treacherous, so bring along some cats when you have the sword.

The nether dragon has the ability  to create lava and shoot fire balls too. Attacking it without protection, you could instantly die. It's body will not harm you, but the scales on its body are very sharp. It is immune to fire and lava. This Nether Dragon is from a mod. It will not respawn if you revisit the nether. It is immune to enchantments and bows,unlike the Enderdragon do basically no damage.


  • 80 Hitpoints
  • Experience: 100 Orbs


Fire out! (Kill the Nether Dragon.)

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