The NextGeneration Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds new items that enhance how the game plays. The mod was created by SonicFanG7, and is currently only a fake mod. 

Gameplay Changes

The gameplay changes once this mod is activated. The list of things changed is below;

  • Players can now save their progress and use save files for their game.
  • Mineshafts, witch huts, and villages can be found easily by signs. 
  • The game now has RPG styled battles with mobs, the Wither, and the Enderdragon (can be turned off from settings). 
  • Health can be replenished by going into certain areas of water. 
  • New Realism Mode. 

New Additions


  • Juice- This restores 5 Hearts, and is crafted using a Water Bottle and foods/milk/lava in a bucket which will make different kinds of juice. (Cooked meat= Savory Juice/Lava= Jalapéno Juice/Milk= Cow Juice/Fruit=Fruit Juice/etc.)
  • MegaHard Gaming Console- Can be plugged into TV using Wires and is crafted using 4 Iron Ingots and 2 Wires.
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