(Scene opens on Lukas and Axel in tuxes. Jesse is wearing a red dress that comes down to her knees, Petra in a blue gown looking grumpy, and Olivia twirling around in a dress similar to Jesse's, but slightly longer.)

Jesse: Can you guys believe it? Prom's here already!

Axel: I still can't believe Petra's going stag. I mean, it's prom.

Petra: (angry) You already convinced me to wear this thing, you won't make me dance!

Lukas: Petra, chill out, okay?

Jesse: (She is holding hands with Lukas.) I agree, Petra. You might wanna control that temper.

(Petra grumbles a bit, but is otherwise subdued.)

Lukas: So, Jesse, care to dance?

Jesse: Sure! (She and Lukas begin dancing. Olivia pairs up with Axel, and Petra hangs out by the wall. She later begins chatting animatedly with someone.)

(This goes on for a bit. After this, Lukas unlocks a car, which Axel, Petra, Olivia, and Jesse climb into, with Jesse calling shotgun. Lukas starts up the car and begins driving somewhere.)

Petra: So, where exactly are we going?

Lukas: To college! I have an apartment near one, so we can stay there.

Jesse: Cool!

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