A planet cracker is a massive missile-like projectile utilized by the Minecraftian Union. It is one of the most powerful wartime weapons to date, even rivaling that of standard-issue nuclear bombs, as a single planet cracker can destroy a planet.


Planet crackers are developed on only one world, Vanaheim I. It takes approximately 1 year for a single bomb to be developed, so the Vanaheim technicians often have to create multiple operations to try and produce them en masse. In fact, it is imperative that there be as many planet crackers on standby as possible, as a conflict could happen any time, and it could become extreme at any time, to the point where a planet may need to be destroyed. As such, planet crackers can only be utilized in the most dire of circumstances.

Planet crackers are massive, and are often equipped within Titan-class vessels. Prior to being dropped, the bomb needs an almost critical amount of energy, so that once released, it can propel itself towards the surface of a planet and quickly break through to the planet's core. Once the bomb hits the core, it reacts to the extreme heat and causes a seismic reaction so intense it literally rips the planet apart.

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