The Razorcrafter Sword is a special sword that is a blessing to Steve. It's a ruby sword with a special handle. It has enchantments Smite X, Sharpness X and Bane of Arthropods X, although an enchantment preview machine cannot verify its enchantments. Notch gave the crafting recipe for the Quartz Rod using Nether Quartz, and the directions to the remaining 2 ruby ores, so that he can craft it himself. Like other enchanted things, Nether Stars and Written Books, the sword pulsates. When anyone hits air using it, a fire charge gets fired from the sharp spot to hit the real target. The fire charge will not have any angle, just straight forward until it hits something. The charge dissipates once it reaches 50 blocks from the sword itself and not the wielder.
Razorcrafter Sword

The Razorcrafter Sword.

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