Redlectricity is, depending on use, either

  • the collective name for all types of extensions that have to do with the mod

It covers many redstone upgrades and updated items, which allow for complex machinery. It comes in two versions: Common! (or Lite) mode, which has basic upgrades such as the Redstone Wrench, and Rare! mode, which has multiblock structural capacity through the use of Rotational Motors and other similar concepts, as well as covering remote building and block manipulation through the use of Remote Gloves. Rare! mode contains all of the Common! concepts as well.




  • BUDdy: Much like the Observer of future Minecraft updates, the BUDdy is a BUD detector block.


  • Redstone Wrench: Powerless tool used to interact with Redlectric blocks and configure them.



  • Rotational Motor: A parent-based motor that creates separate entities out of attached blocks, paving the way for multiblock machines.
  • Player Rotator: A block used as a seat, which causes rotation of players inside it to be transferred from them to a singular rotational motor.



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