Attention: This is not meant to be imagined as Minecraft Avatars, but as real life people in earth occupied by things from Minecraft.  This is also meant to be interpreted in the Haunting by Herobrine. Thank you.

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Chapter 1

"You left," Herobrine said. "I have been searching for 35 years. Notch gave up. I was stabbed by him, thought to be dead. I was then burned, my body crippled and my eyes turned white. But no. Why, Amy?" Amy had disappeared from Notch and Herobrine when she was 5, leaving the two distraught in thinking she had been killed. "I found you," she replied, gasping for breath. Amy was very beautiful, and was wearing nothing but a bag tied over her body in a desperate attempt at a skirt. "Please Herobrine, I'm your sister." "NO!" Herobrine bellowed. "Who took you away from us? WHO?" Herobrine clutched her neck, squeezing tight, allowing for his nails to go through the skin. "Notch," she said gently. "WHAT?" Herobrine gasped, releasing his grip. "He took me to the woods and told me to keep walking. So I did." "Everyone thinks I am evil, but I was turned this way. I am still alive. But my soul has been destroyed. I saw you drinking by the waterhole, and I remembered your face. But it's too late. Come with me. You've got some new friends." 

Chapter 2

Steve woke up, his face dazed, tired, and most of all, painful. Cody was dead, his body had been viciously mutilated by Herobrine with a sword. His guts were spilled, his head had snapped and one of his arms were gone. Steve was distraught, and was locked in a cage. Amy appeared, Herobrine behind her, and was being clutched at the hair. She was thrown in a sepearate cage, and had been locked in. "Who are you?" he asked. "The sister of him," she replied. "Holy.." Steve said, backing up to the end of his cage. "Herobrine isn't dead", she said. "He's alive, but crippled." "Shut up," Herobrine said. "This will be the last you two see of me. I want both of you dead." Herobrine set the place on fire, and ran out.

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