Saragethn Sword
Saragethn Swords, also known as a Sarto or Gethen is perhaps the most known and identifiable weapon of the Saragethn arsenal.

It is drastically different than the standard swords in many ways. Usually, its single edged straight blade is nothing more than a piece of sharpened iron 20-27 inches in length and forged with less than ideal equipment. It commonly has an oversize, square-shaped handguard.

The Saragethn Sword sword is considered to have virtually no parallel in any other form of art made of iron. In the sword, we can see the artistic and racial spirit of Saragethn ancestry. The belief that their sword was an extension of its owner, and that their blade held a soul that was linked to its owner in a spiritual way, it is apparent in how the Saragethn cared for its upkeep. And how it served and protected them in combat and assassination.

A frequent practice among Saragethn is to conceal it in a scabbard longer than the Saragethn Sword itself. The excess space allowed for storage of a multitude of items such as potions, powdered medicines, Redstone powders, food rations, maps, or even a small knife or other small weapons in its detachable bottom.

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