Not to be confused with Semilit Crystal.

Selemit Crystals are pearly-white blocks that generate in the Voidwarp Nether, the Celestis, the Voidwarp End, and the Withus.

They are a high mining level, and can only be mined by Bloodstone/Cobalite pickaxes and above.


Selemit Crystals do not have ores, but rather generate themselves as blocks in different settings depending on their dimension.

  • In the Voidwarp Nether, they generate in pockets of 2-10 as ores would, and also generate on the top of the bossfight area like glowstone would in the Nether.
  • In the Celestis, they spawn in crystal-caps on the underside of cliffs. They generate as a group of 3-8 crystals on the outside of the Celestistone.
  • In the Voidwarp End, they generate as if they were pockets of ore inside the End Stone.
  • In the Withus they generate like stalagmites inside Wither-caverns and caves. In the Wither-caverns they generate with 8-20 gems, and in caves they generate with 2-6.


Selemit Crystals provide light and can be used to ward off mobs in the Overworld and End. They can also be used to create a Withus Warp.

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