Invasion of Marvel leaders Leaders

Southern Militia

  • Golem corps
  • Archers of Marvel

The Legions of the Nether

Overworld mobs






Blazing Skeleton

Lesser Ender Dragon

2,800 archers and golems 4,500 mobs
8,000 deaths (civilian/military combined) 3,700 deaths
The invasion of Marvel was a 15-day siege by The Legions of the Nether and their overworld hostile mob allies against the city of Marvel. The Blazing Skeleton initially lead the Nether Legions, but he was ultimately killed during the siege. Herobrine lead the Nether forced to victory on the 15th day.

Herobrine's army consisted of 4,500 mobs from the nether, overworld, and End, 3,700 of which were dead by the end of the siege. 2,800 soldiers and golems defended the city, and 8,000 of Marvel's inhabitants were killed as a result of the siege.

Kasurreb was the leader of Marvel's forces, with other notable combatants including Leon, who became captain of the guard during the siege, Dysnome, who fought Herobrine one-on-one, delaying his advance long enough for the sun to kill many of the hostile mobs, and Anson, a flying ace who attacked a lesser Enderdragon used by the Nether forces.

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