Spawn Locations

This boss mob spawns only in large lava lakes or oceans, since these only spawn in the Nether. They usually spawn there, but will spawn in man-made lava lakes or lava oceans.


This Mob fires jets of lava. Its large tentacles have lava covering them. They can also self-destruct if needed, but this rarely happens. They can also jump out of the lava and onto you for a short time, then they jump back into the lava.


This mob is very similar to a giant, Black squid, with patches of dark red on it. The mob has one large eye, But unlike a squid, it has red veins, because its blood is ultra heated.


This mob's main weakness is water, pouring water on it will damage it badly. Its main weak point is its eye. This monster cannot survive without lava, so turning its lava into obsidian is a good way to kill it.

Mob drops

This mob drops 20-40 lava sacs, which can be used as magenta dye, or to make into magma stone. This mob will also drop an Incinerator tentacle, which can be used as an unbreakable, unstealable weapon! It may also rarely drop a sinister fang, which may be used as a trophy!

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