The Snowy Chicken is a neutral mob native to the Celestis, based off of a chicken. They spawn naturally in all Celestis biomes.


  • Health: 6 HP(HeartHeartHeart)
  • Attack: 5 HP(HeartHeartHalf Heart)
  • Speed: Slightly slower than a sprinting player


The Snowy Chicken is somewhat larger than a regular chicken, and drops 1 chicken, as well as 4-6 feathers due to its wings also consisting of feathers.

The top of its skin appears to be covered in snow (though it is difficult to tell based on the color of a chicken), and it also bears the aforementioned wings.


Snowy Chickens are neutral instead of passive, so if one is attacked it will attack back.


  • Shears can be used to "shave" a Snowy Chicken of its wings.
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