The Snowy Cow is a neutral mob native to the Celestis, based off of a cow. They spawn naturally in all Celestis biomes.


  • Health: 35 HP(HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
  • Attack: 9 HP(HeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
  • Speed: Slightly faster than a walking player


The Snowy Cow is somewhat larger than a regular cow, and drops 2 to 4 beef, as well as a chance of 1-2 leather. It can also drop 1-3 feathers due to its wings.

The top of its skin appears to be covered in snow, and it also bears the aforementioned wings.


Snowy Cows are neutral instead of passive, so if one is attacked it will attack back, by charging at the player with its head down. When attacking, its horns impale the player.

Snowy Cows can spawn in "herds" of 4-6. These herds have unique, recyclable UUIDs, and they never willingly travel far from each other. In addition, if the herd is separated it will try to rejoin. Attacking a cow in a herd enough times will cause the rest of the herd to take notice and attack, much like zombie pigmen. If an entire herd is attacking at once, they can be a very formidable enemy. Herds are generally noticeable for how they all travel the same direction.


  • Though it cannot fly, the Snowy Cow does fall slowly and takes no fall damage.
  • About 50% of Snowy Cows spawn as lone cows, and 50% as herds.
  • Shears can be used to "shave" a Snowy Cow of its wings.
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