The Southern Marveliotan Militia are a group of the citizens of New Marvel who formed militias to fight a guerilla campaign against The Legions of the Nether; despite their near-unarmed state at the start of the war with the forces of Herobrine, they were able to drive back the invading horde and slaughter the roving bandits and mobs alike. Their lack of formal training or top-notch weaponry is made up for by their shear will to defend their homeland.

They usually wield bronze armor and tools, sometimes wielding firearms such as blunderbuses or muskets.

Their national:

  • Food: Cookie
  • Game: Zombie bashing
  • Fruit: Apple
  • Mineral: Lapis Lazuli
  • Tool: Iron Axe
  • Item: Bronze Helmet
  • Plant: Cactus
  • Block: Quartz Pillar

Unique Equipment

  • Marvel Bolas: Throwing weapon which entangles the opponent's legs.
  • Marvel Flail: Bar connected to a larger bar by a chain, swung into opponents.
  • Arquebus: A firearm.
  • Assegai: A short spear.
  • Pavise: A shield which, rather than being held, was set up by crossbowmen to reload behind without being shot.

Notable cities, towns, etc.

  • Marvel City: A destroyed city which was besieged by the Legions of the Nether.
  • New Marvel City: The new capital of Marvel and base of operations for the Southern Militia, it features a memorial for every town lost to the invasion and is surrounded by mountains on all sides but the entrence.
  • The Bulwark: A massive 100 block tall, 16 block thick fortified wall defending the only path to the new capital.

Notable Members


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