Spacebound Adds Planets And Even Other Solar Systyems Into Minecraft. Rockets Are Crafted With 2 Fireworks On The 4th and 6th crafting bench square, Then A Flint And Steel At The 8th square, and diamond blocks on the 1,2, and 3rd square. (It's Well Worth The Resources Spent.

In Order To Place The Rocket, You At Least Need A Flat 3x3 Area. (If The Rocket Makes Contact With Any Blocks After Launch, It Will Explode)

Just Like Villagers, It Takes A Price. Requiring Emeralds

To Get To The Moon, You Must Pay 2 Emeralds

To Go To Venus, 4 Emeralds.

To Mecury, 6 Emeralds

The Sun Is Ascessable But Only With A Certian Type Of Rocket (Same Crafting As Nomal Rocket Except Fire Restiance Potions In Squares 7 And 9.

The Sun Rocket Travel To The Sun Will Cost 20 Emeralds.

Travel To Mars To Will Cost 8 Emeralds.

to Jupiter, 12.

And To Saturn, 18

To Uranus, 28

To Neptune, 36 Emeralds

To Go To Pluto, 40.

Space Suit Crafting Will Require These Items In Any Order: Chest, Dispenser, Glass. Must Be Made With Iron Armor (Full Armor Must Be Worn To Prevent Oxygen Loss, Burning, Or Freezing.

There Are 2 More Special Rockets. One Lands On Astroieds, Another Goes To Other Alien Star Systyems (1 in 5 chance to have planets like earth)

The Astroieds Lander Is Same Crafting As Normal, Except Gold Blocks Rather Then Iron. (Tip: Astroieds Have A 10% Higher Chance Of Having Diamonds On Them, And 30% Higher Chance Of Emeralds(On An Astroied A Running Jump Will Teloport You To A Random Planet.

You Might Find Random Domes With Villagers On The Moon And Mars By A 4% Chance

On The Gas Giants You Might By A 3% Chance Find Blimps Or Even Floating Citys

Spacecraft Can Either Land Or Orbit A Planet.

Random Ice Blocks Will Be Floating In Orbit Around A Planet.

You Can Also Trade Rockets With Villagers For A Minuim Of 32 Diamonds

You Can Also Rarely Find Them In Strongholds

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