A diamond spear

Spears are weapons that were added in 1.19. They can be crafted, or can be dropped by random hostile mobs during death (If they're holding them, of course) and can be thrown or can stab enemies that are farther away.


In order to build a spear, you need either wooden planks, cobblestone, gold, iron, or diamond, and 2 sticks. put 2 sticks diagonally, then the blocks mentioned at the end. A spear, when almost about to break, can be put in the Crafting Table, then put next to the ore that was made with it, therefore making the spear have full durability.
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Diamond Spears have an attack damage of 4.5 hearts, therefore killing zombies in 3 hits. It is cheaper than a sword, and has a similar attack damage than swords.

Spears can kill enemy mobs from farther away than swords. When the mob is farther away, it does less damage, but if close enough, it can kill a mob faster. Like a trident, spears can be thrown, but they have a shorter range and does less damage when thrown. But when thrown, it will stick on the mob that the spear has been thrown on, and instead drain damage slowly, half a heart per second, until the mob is dead, dropping the spear and giving it back to the owner. This can be useful in battles, because it can stick to all mobs except Blazes. When the spear is thrown on to a Blaze, it will do damage to said mob, but will drop to the ground after doing so. Even though the sword does more damage, a spear can pierce armour easily than a sword, and the armour will break faster. Spears are the weakest at mining blocks, and will break easily if you do mine blocks with it.

While TNT is about to explode, you can hit it with a spear to de-ignite it. After hit, the TNT will change textures, having a big hole in the side of the TNT, and the TNT will be useless, even if you ignite it. It won't work.


The following enchantments that you can enchant a spear with are:


Fire aspect




Sweeping edge 




If you throw a spear into a skeleton's leg and kill it, you will get the achievement: "Achilles Heel".

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