Spiderpig is Rodger's pet pigman, but this time a good one.

He has a red leather mask covering the entire head (but he still can breathe, see and talk), red leather tunic with spider icon in the center instead of a line and buttons, blue leather pants, blue leather boots, and a bow and arrow with cobwebs connected to it (like Rope Arrow from Zipline mod) so that he can swing. Spiderpig can climb walls without needing help from a spider, pistons, Rodger or any other person. Spiderpig has saved lots of people many times. He always holds his bow and sticks the string with his arm when he stretches it. He has an infinite supply of arrows with cobwebs connected to them. Spiderpig is known as a hero. His leather armor has black lines on them similar to Spiderman's (and Spiderpig is a reference to him).

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