This is a story, anyone could add chapters, and yes, I would really like some comments. (This happened before The Birth Of Herobrine)
Minecraft - The Adventure

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Steve woke up, stranded in a plain land, having nothing with him, he saw a tree beside him, punched it 'till it was gone, he got some logs and made some wood. With much wood from other trees, he made a Crafting Table, and made sticks, a chest, a wooden sword, he set off in the bright sun, and found some sheep, cows, pigs and chickens, but continued to set off, starving, he stopped and fell, though he had some food, he got his sword and ran back home, and ate some meat, crafted a door and just in case, he prepared for an unexpected encounter with something or someone, he crafted a wooden pickaxe, a wooden hoe, a wooden axe and a wooden shovel, he used all the wood he had and set off.

Chapter 2 - Before Night Falls

Steve ran faster and faster until he found some wool, a tree and a desert, he got the wool, got more wood and crafted a bed before he went into the desert, he realized it was getting darker, it was noon, and he prepared for a fight with Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers and the unknown.

Chapter 3 - Night Time

Steve was surrounded by many creatures, he got his wooden sword and defeated two Zombies in one sword slash, he ran into the forest, he rested behind a tree, he almost got shot by an arrow from a Skeleton, he jumped, flipped, and slashed the Skeleton, realizing he was lost, he looked up a hill, a Creeper jumped on him and exploded, Steve ran quickly and found his brother, Sam, he gave him a stone sword he had crafted just three days ago before he got lost, they both slashed Zombies, a Creeper and a Skeleton, they ran and found the unknown, they tried to defeat it but it teleported, they found a cave that Sam had dug two days ago, and Sam said "I found an abandoned mineshaft there, we should explore it" and so they went into the cave.

Chapter 4 - Standing Before The Mineshaft

Steve and Sam ran into the cave, but they needed a bed to get rid of all those creatures, Sam stated he built a little hut in the middle of the cave, he said there was a chest full of stone pickaxes and a bed next to the wall, Steve quickly ran and accidentally fell into the little hole which was the explosion of a Creeper, Sam closed the hole, Sam did not look right to Steve, he looked different, like a Zombie, Steve thought that he was bitten by a Zombie, and quickly broke the top covering of the hole and ran into the abandoned mineshaft, seeing a sign Sam put, it read "The mysterious potion was found here by an explorer, which had been bitten by a zombie and turned into one for the rest of his life", with that sign Steve felt scared, he grabbed the stone sword and kept the stone pickaxe, he set off from the little hut into the abandoned mineshaft, where he saw Bats, he also thought that if it is daytime Zombies die, so he kept the exit closed with Zombie Sam inside, he went into the abandoned mineshaft.

Chapter 5 - The Return Of An Old Friend

Steve entered the abandoned mineshaft with nothing to find but Bats and a chest full of torches. Zombie Sam was encountered by someone who actually saved Zombie Sam and gave him the potion. He opened the way out, Steve thought that it was someone he already knew, and it was, it was Cody! He said that the potion in the mineshaft was a potion for a portal which was named "Nether Portal", Sam jumped up in surprise when he saw Cody, he asked "Who are you?" "I'm Cody, one of Steve's friends that had once adventured with him" Cody replied, but Steve was shocked, "I don't think we are alone" he said. Two Spiders jumped on Steve and Sam, and two Bats attacked them and left them unconscious. It was up to Cody to get another potion nobody had found in the mineshaft, which was another saving potion.

Chapter 6 - Runes and Riddles

Cody stumbled through the dark mineshaft, looking for something to revive his friend with. His mind was teeming with questions. Steve has a brother? was the top of his list. Cody was very glad to see Steve again, but there hadn't been a hint of recognition on Steve's face. Didn't he remember his old buddy? He kept moving down the shaft, one hand on the wall, the other clutching his torch. Suddenly, more bats flew down from the ceiling. He waved his torch, attempting to scare them off. If he was bitten as well, things would get pretty bad. The bats flew away, but Cody's torch hit the ground, going out in the process. He spent valuable time groping on the ground and then lighting it. He got up to notice words carved on the wall, along with some sort of intricate keypad. He took a close look at them to find they were written in some strange tongue. He recognized a couple letters in there, and realized he could translate it. He propped his torch against the wall and got out a paper that a friend of his put together. The translation went roughly like this:

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,

Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.

It lies behind stars and under hills,

And empty holes it fills.

It comes first and follows after,

Ends life, kills laughter.

Cody was happy to find that he knew the answer. He entered the word darkness in the keypad and a bit of the wall slid aside. There was a potion inside labeled Bat Cure, in the strange runes. He went back to help Steve and Sam.

Boss Chapter 1 - King Of The Zombies

Cody ran to Steve and Sam, he gave them the Bat Cure potion, they woke up, realizing that the ground was shaking, they ran out, it was night time, a giant Zombie came with an army of Zombies, this was the rise of King Zombie, all other Zombies attacked but failed, Sam dealed with the Zombies, while Steve and Cody battled King Zombie, they crafted a very long ladder to get up the mountain and attack King Zombie, they got some arrows and a bow, they shot them on the head, before Cody could deal the final blow, a Skeleton shot him with an arrow, making him fall, he was saved though, by someone, Steve defeated the Skeleton and dealed the final blow, King Zombie fell making a big hole, the one who saved Cody mentioned his name, which was Dr Dray, he joined the team and continued with the adventure.

Chapter 7 - The Ancient Crack

With a new friend on the team, they went into an Ancient Forest, cracked pieces of rocks fell on the ground right when Dr Dray stepped on the Pressure Plate, he almost had been crushed by a giant rock "Whoa, hey man slow down!" Steve said "Now what did I just---" crash!!! A rock crushed him while everyone else ran into the Ancient Forest, that was no ordinary rock, it was an Ancient Rock, it opened a crack in the wall, Steve wasn't hurt at all, he just hid in the little space inside the rock, he mined it with the Stone Pickaxe, he was gonna join the team but the unknown pushed him into the crack, it was filled with Zombies and Skeletons "HEEEELP!!!!!!" Steve had shouted but before he could say "Get me out!!!!!" very loud that his team could hear him a Zombie knocked him unconscious "Ugh....." he fell onto the floor carried by dozens of Zombies and Skeletons, he had a dream, remembering his old times with The Cyan Shirt League, he remembered the unknown was an Enderman, he woke up in the middle of nowhere in the crack, what would he do now? He grabbed a stick that a Zombie had dropped, he saw an Enderman, it held a black sword. It jumped on Steve and teleported, Steve ran to fight it, he took his stone sword with him. He saw the sword above his head, he almost got sliced but he sliced the sword first, the sword broke into two swords, Steve was threatened and scared, he threw the stick in the Enderman's face, but it healed, he teleported into some water, he got damaged, Steve now knew his weakness, water. He crafted a bucket and got put some water in it, he splashed it on the Enderman and got more just in case he runs into another Enderman, he got an Ender Pearl when he killed the Enderman "Hmmm.... I now what this is for.... but I thought we already killed that dragon....." Steve was confused about that thought, he got out of the crack right in front of Dr Dray "Wow, where were you?" "I got into a mysterious crack" "What's that?" Sam didn't know that the dragon existed, he thought it was just fake "Anyway, I know Endermen's weakness, water" "Uh huh, so, anyone has some" "I do" Steve said looking down at the floor "Uh... guys, we might be in trouble...." Steve was standing on a Pressure Plate "Whoa!!!" they were falling into the Ancient Forest Temple.

Chapter 8 - Ancient Trouble

As they fell Steve noticed an open way in the wall "Quick! Everyone in there!" Steve shouted, they went there, they got some torches from a chest, there were tons of torches "Alright, everyone takes sixty-four and NOBODY takes more than that" they all took the selected number, as soon as they got near a door, an arrow came by towards Cody and got him stuck on the wall and so did Dr Dray, it was a familiar voice, it was Blaze, but it wasn't the Blaze they knew, it was Corrupted Blaze, it was also a robot, the real Blaze was locked in a cage, Corrupted Blaze threw Sam into some lava "NOOO!!! BROTHER!!!!!" he fell as he said that, he got shot and killed by Corrupted Blaze, the team has all died, with them unconscious, Corrupted Blaze threw all of them in a cage where Blaze was found, Sam hasn't recovered yet, still dead, lying on the floor "We have got to get out of here, I lost my bow and arrows too!" Blaze shouted "Hmmm.... Ok, I see that switch there, we must get something to hit it" "Well, I got some torches I don't need, I could throw them on the switch and switch it on" "Great! C'mon, what are we waiting for?" Dr Dray threw the torches and they got free, Blaze got the bow and the arrows back, Sam was taken by Corrupted Blaze into a hole of water, which could recover him, it threw him there because Blaze double shot it's main control button to save Sam, and now it is back in it's main state, they ran out and got even deeper into the temple. They found out that the only thing they would find was some lava, there was also an opening in the wall, a little crack "How will we get in?" "I'll light the place up and try to find something" "No! Last time when you lost me, a Zombie got me into the crack, so, we might be lucky if one grabs us and gets us in there" "Ugh... That doesn't look like a Zombie" "Then what is it?" "Uh oh, we are in trouble.... That's an Enderman!" the Enderman grabbed all of the blocks surrounding the crack, it threw them on everyone, they fell into the lava, but they were saved by Cron, an explorer that got lost, he threw a bucket of water into the lava, and killed the Enderman "Wow, thanks, who are you though?" "I am Cron, nice to see living people again" he kicked a Creeper in the arm "Hissssssssss....." the Creeper was about to explode "Don't worry" Cron said "Underneath is a secret passage, the place you found me in was just a dead end" they all fell, along with Corrupted Blaze, which began to fly into the secret passage undamaged. They fell into the secret passage, feeling scared, Steve shouted "This might not end well!" they fell onto soft wool blocks and went onward, Sam found a chest, in it was some Redstone and some blocks that Redstone could activate, he quickly put the blocks and collapsed the opening, Corrupted Blaze hit the stone wall hard, very hard that it broke it's hand, it replaced it with a bow hand made out of metal, it broke the wall open and went with them.

Boss Chapter 2 - Corrupted Castle Battle

The team went into a door and found themselves in a place known as Corrupted Castle, as they walked five steps forward Corrupted Blaze shot everyone onto the wall except Cron, he began a battle "You shall not survive, prepare to die!" "Negative, I will kill you" "No you won't!" "Yes I will" "No!" "Yes" "No!" "Hey could you just get this over with?" "Fine, let's fight!" and so they did. Cron grabbed a bucket of water and splashed some onto the robot's head, it exploded and revealed a much bigger robot, King Corrupted, it wore a big, thick, dark cape and a crystal crown, it grabbed Cron and threw him onto the wall and squeezed him until he stopped breathing and fainted, Steve got the arrow off his shirt and threw it into the king's little hole in his metallic body, it hit a wire and he stopped working, but it still corrupted Cron, who woke up as a Zombie, and not just any Zombie, a Dark Zombie, which grabbed Steve and threw him into the basement and locked it, Steve was worried, but the real Cron came out and fought the fake Zombie, one-on-one, Cron kicked the Zombie in the face and hit it on the shoulder and killed it with his arrow, but what about Steve? Nobody knew...

Chapter 9 - Escaping the room

Steve rubbed his head, cursing Cron. Being jammed into a grimy basement by a zombie was not his favorite way to spend an adventure. He checked the room for things he could use to get out. Fortunately, the room was obviously used for storage. There were plenty of crates to break open and one was bound to be useful. The door began rattling. Steve thought Zombie Cron had killed his friends and was coming to finish him off. He grabbed a crowbar they obviously used to pry open the storage crates and stood next to the door. It broke open and Steve brought the crowbar down on Cron's head. His helmet dented and he collapsed like a puppet as Steve realized his mistake. It was just plain old Cron, albeit looking like he armored himself on whatever garbage he could find. Fortunately, his helmet seemed to have absorbed most of the damage. "Cron! Oh, man, sorry..." He pulled Cron to his feet, where he promptly punched him in the face. "You hit me with a crowbar, you moron!" "I thought you'd been turned into some freaky rotting corpse!" Cron lowered his fist. "Sorry." "Me too." "Hey guys!" Dr. Dray called from the doorway. "We gettin' out of here?" "Uh, yeah!" Steve said, lifting the crowbar over his shoulder. "Let's get moving!"

Chapter 10 - Nether Dimension

They ran out of the castle, finding out the moon was rising, Cody made some kind of Obsidian shield for himself so he wouldn't get hurt, but when he did the inside of the shield Steve shouted "Stop! I know what we will do with that, we will make a portal to the Nether!" "Wow, no way I'm going there" Cody said, but he still came. They used the Flint and Steel to light up the portal and got in, but, they forgot to get extra Obsidian! An Enderman picked up one piece of Obsidian and the portal closed with everyone in the Nether! "I knew we shouldn't have went! There's no way out now! The portal won't work!" Cody shouted, but they were lucky that Steve knew a Nether Fortress which contained a chest with Obsidian, two iron pickaxes and two iron swords, Sam saw a Zombie Pigman behind him "Huh, whats this? Oh well, lets get rid of it!" "No wait!" Sam hit the Zombie Pigman and it screamed, it called five more to attack Sam, Dr Dray jumped and tried to kill one, he grabbed it's sword and sliced all Zombie Pigmen near him, only one smart Zombie Pigman was left, Cron attacked it, he jumped, flipped and kicked it in the face, it fell into the lava underneath, luckily, a bridge made by a Zomie Pigman was there, Steve was about to walk, but he got shot on fire by a Nether Blaze, Steve fell unconsciously on the Netherrack and dropped his sword, Sam went for the Nether Blaze and kicked it in the face twice "This one is for Steve!!!" he killed it with his stone sword and grabbed it while it was lying on the floor, got the Blaze Rod it dropped, and used the rod to kick the Nether Blaze into the lava, Steve recovered and started to go across the bridge, he saw a Ghast, flying in the air, Blaze got the bow and shot it with an arrow, the Ghast got angry and put the bow on fire, Blaze still killed it though, it was killed with an arrow thrown by Blaze without the bow, they all prepared for what was awaiting them.

Chapter 11 - Burning Battleside

Steve ran up to the other side of the bridge, they stopped on some Nether Bricks lying on the Netherrack, a Nether Fence quickly closed the way out, from above many cubes of lava jumped onto Steve "Get these Magma Cubes off me!!" Sam quickly sliced the 6 ones with his stone sword, he threw 2 apples to Steve for him to recover from the Magma Poison, Steve got up and saw 2 Nether Blazes coming at them, he hit one in the face twice, got the Blaze Rod, and kicked the other Nether Blaze with it, Dr Dray threw a stick in a Zombie Pigman's eye, it screeched so loud that Sam, Steve, Blaze and Dr Dray fainted, only Cron was left to kill the rest of the Zombie Pigmen "Why does this even need help? Is he too weak for me?" Cron thought to himself, the others recovering, with only a Ghast left to kill, Blaze shot it with the arrow once again, it died, and fell, the Nether Fence dissolved into Netherrack, they got rid of it and went out to find nothing but many Wither Skeletons "Alright, I take six, you take six" Steve charged at the first six and killed them with his sword, he grabbed two Wither Skulls, Sam killed the other six with a single strike and got one Wither Skull, they also got four Soul Sand that Wither Skeletons were holding, they continued onward.

Chapter 12 - Withery Situation

Steve walked across the bridge, he saw an entire horde of Wither Skeletons, they all held aged, withery, grey swords, Steve killed five of them and kicked five at once, Sam ran up to the Soul Sand another Wither Skeleton had dropped and wondered "What is this for, if its for nothing why do we even bother?" "I think I know what this is for.." "Huh? Who... are you...?" "I am Wendor, and I know all of the Nether" Sam was scared, Steve returned from killing Wither Skeletons, he had sixteen Wither Skulls with him, before Steve told them where the fortress was, Wendor announced "Wither Skulls huh? I know these, they are very rare, used to summon something" "Summon what?" "Wait and time will tell.." Steve felt annoyed because of Wendor, he kicked him in the leg "Just let me talk, besides, I am the leader of this team, not you" "Steve!" "What?" "Don't do that to him, he might also have been lost in the Nether" "Alright, but only if he doesn't interrupt again" "If you haven't known, he knows alot about the Nether, so for now, until we go back home, he will be our guide" "Hehehehehe...... These losers are falling into my plan......." Wendor said in a low voice, and began to lead the team where to go "Alright, I must train you first, because an ancient evil lies here, which is why many Wither Skeletons are here, ready to train? No answers, get ready, set, FIGHT!" Steve ran up to three Wither Skeletons and kicked one in the face, got the Wither Skull, and threw it on the rest, Sam grabbed his sword, his sword and the Wither Skeleton's sword slashing the swords together, Sam threw the sword into the knee, it broke and fell. Blaze, Dr Dray and Cron used their bows to kill the remaining skeletons, Wendor was impressed "Good, now that ancient evil is ready to be fought.." he put four Soul Sand in the shape of a T and put three Wither Skulls on top "Are you summoning the Wither?" Cron asked "Yes, for you fell into my trap, I am not Wendor, I am a Wither Skeleton! And I did this to get my revenge on you, killing my Wither Skeletons.... You will pay!" the team got ready to fight the Wither.

Boss Chapter 3 - The Wither

The Wither appeared right on that spot where it was summoned. The team fought the Wither after it exploded like a huge pile of TNT connected to a Redstone torch. "Wait, how long can this guy hold out in a fight again?" Steve asked himself. "Too long." Cron answered. Everyone was fighting the Wither with their very own weapons. "And I broke my sword. I'll be fighting using my crowbar." Steve hit the Wither so hard using the crowbar, part of its left head dented in. Steve threw an anvil at the Wither's head. It recoiled in pain, turned, and hissed. The Wither shot a Wither Skull to Blaze from each head, and Blaze dodged every hit, hitting Steve who was behind. He immediately collapsed to his knees, shivering. "He's got a high fever!" Blaze shouted. She wrapped him in a blanket and gave him an apple. While Steve ate the food to survive the effect, the rest of the team was fighting. After half a day, they were still fighting the Wither. "This takes too much to do!" Cron shouted. Blaze shot an arrow at the Wither. The arrow did not hit the Wither; rather, it disintegrated about half a foot away. "This is crazy. He's got a force field?" Blaze thought. The Wither floated down towards the still standing heroes. Something metal slammed into its side. Steve had gotten up, and he was hitting it repeatedly with the crowbar. It dissolved in a ray of light, leaving behind only a tiny crystal.

Chapter 13 - Back To The Overworld

The team got into the fortress, finding nothing but a pile of Wither Skeletons "Really? Alright, I can't take it.." Steve threw the crowbar on one Wither Skeleton, he kicked it's skull into ten other's feet, they broke too "Look! There's the chest!" Steve opened the chest, found fourteen Obsidian, two iron swords and pickaxes and another crystal similar to the one they got from defeating the Wither, they built another portal back to the Overworld, they got back right next to the Corrupted Castle "What's this crystal-like thingy for?" "I bet we could use it for something, but what?" "Hey! I know, we could use this for power, this will give our weapons some more power" all of their weapons except the crowbar got powered up, Steve grabbed the Iron Sword and pickaxe, Sam took the other ones, they remembered night was still there, and so began a fight against monsters.

Chapter 14 - Night Time Again

A small wood wall had been erected. Steve, Sam, and Cron patrolled around it, fending off monsters when they came their way. Blaze was in the center with Dr. Dray. It was too dark for her to be able to see well enough to shoot. The doctor was working on some strange device. It was sort of an obsidian slab with a glass box attached. He had put a Wither Crystal inside and he was trying to get it to do something. "No good." he said. "What's up, doc?" Blaze asked him. "This needs some sort of conductor. Some precious metal like diamond or emerald. We need to mine some." he replied. "Or we could go to the village about a few day's journey from here." Dr. Dray sprang up. "Brilliant! As soon as the sun rises we can send someone to go trade for some valuables!" The night went on. Monsters screeched all through the night, hunting for prey. Finally, the rays of dawn began shining over the horizon. The masses of zombies and skeletons and all the other undead erupted into flame. They were ready for their quest to continue.

Chapter 15 - The Sun Rises

The sun is about to rise toward the highest point of its cycle. The team started looking for a conducting item. Steve and Sam mined while Cron, Blaze and Dr. Dray looked for villagers. They got all the same item afterwards; diamonds. The team started going a long way to the doctor. Cron reached first while the rest was tired. Sam was left, walking slowly, extremely tired. They stopped. They saw a creeper reaching for them. "Ack!" Sam shouted. They ran quickly, following Cron who was extremely tired and was as slow as a zombie. An arrow flew high up in the air, hitting a Creeper. It wasn't Blaze. The Creeper looked for that person. It was no one but a skeleton hiding under a tree. The skeleton shot Blaze but she reflected the arrow using her arrow. They reached the doctor and gave the diamonds to him.

Chapter 16 - A Beacon and an Enderman.

Dr. Dray took the diamonds. "Brilliant! These'll do fine." He dropped one in the weird box and started to move it in place with a twig. "So doc," Blaze said, "What's this rubbish for?" "This is going to be a sort of a beacon," he said. "It will call others to our position." "So why the diamonds?" "I also want it to help us fight off monsters. Any stone would've worked, but something precious to reflect through will augment our senses, along with strength and endurance and such. Plus, undead hate bright light because of their mortal enemy, the sun." He continued prodding the diamond. "I can get it finished by tonight. Just keep creepers away." The day wore on. A figure was spotted on the hill. Cron was hoping it was an elf. He always wanted to meet an elf. But it was most certainty not an elf. An Enderman was striding towards him. It was wearing a piece of armor that looked like obsidian chain mail, along with a leather mantle. It also had a bag. It held up its hand in a gesture that obviously meant I mean no harm. Cron was pretty sure it didn't know English, because when he asked what he was doing it made several strange noises that must've been Enderspeak. It pulled a black knife out of its bag and mimed eating something. Cron took an apple out of his pocket. Goods traded hands. The Enderman walked away, possibly whistling.

Chapter 17 - Spider's Cave

Cron returned to camp, he reached over to the Beacon and put his hand on it "No, don't do that!" but it was too late, the Beacon gave Cron the ability to sprint and walk faster "What happened?" "I don't know, but I think this just gave me the ability of speed" Cron was also tired of walking, the speed ability had made him not tired, he wanted to reach over to the cave far away, but in 25 seconds he was there "Wow! How long does this last?" "Now it will almost end" Cron lost his speed and went into the cave, Sam followed "Why are we here?" "To find some Diamonds" "Diamonds? Why now?" " 'Cuz when you mine at night your dead" "Oh right" Sam reached over to a Diamond Ore, but he was stuck in a large Spider Web, a Spider came on the web, it tried to eat Sam but Cron threw a stone at it, it jumped on Cron and threw him onto the web, Steve was afraid that Sam and Cron got lost, so he followed. He saw them stuck in the Spider Web, he reached over to Sam but a Spider jumped on him and tried to throw him into the web, but he slashed it with his sword and threw it into the lava beneath the ground, he tried to free Sam and Cron, he failed to, instead he was thrown by a Spider into the web, Steve woke up, he saw the king of Spiders, Crafter Spider, it crafted a stone sword and tried to get rid of Steve, he quickly freed himself from the web and prepared to fight the Crafter Spider.

Boss Chapter 4 - Crafter Spider Battle

Crafter Spider had thrown the stone sword trying to hit Steve, luckily he dodged the hit and the sword broke on the wall, Crafter Spider crafted another one, Steve grabbed the stick of the broken sword and repeatedly hit the Spider on the face, it healed with anger and crafted an iron sword and broke the stick Steve had, he grabbed out another iron sword and simply defeated Servant Spiders, he threw the sword onto the Spider and grabbed it before it was taken by that Spider. 10 minutes later they were still fighting in front of Sam and Cron, Sam thought of a plan to free himself and free Cron, he grabbed a very sharp piece of the broken stone sword and freed himself, he got Cron free too. Cron threw a stone at Crafter Spider, it saw that it's web was destroyed, it got mad and made a wall of stone cover every way out, Steve was still in shape to fight that Spider, he grabbed the iron sword and jumped onto the Spider, like he was riding it, he hit it with the iron sword and made it fall into the lava beneath, the exits were open. Steve, Sam and Cron went back to camp, but the problem was that everyone except Steve was hungry, they almost had starved to death, they fell onto the floor and Steve was the only one to get some food for the team.

Chapter 18 - Quest For Food

Steve ran in the plains, hoping to find some food to revive his friends with. He saw a little village, he asked the villager "Do you have any food?" "No, we ate all of it, we got hungry" Steve wasn't happy, he set off into the plains, to find some food, he saw a tree and hoped it had apples, but sadly, there weren't any apples, he saw a cave and an abandoned mine, it bound to have food in it, he went into the creepy cavern to find a Zombie staring at him, it held a blue sword, it was soft, like a little toy, but it definitely wasn't a little toy. Steve got hurt from the sword and fell onto the ground, he got up and saw a Creeper, it exploded right in front of the Zombie, but it hadn't died, it had broke it's sword though. It retreated, Steve found the abandoned mine and threw an old, wooden, rotting pickaxe on a coal ore and it broke, Steve got the coal and crafted some torches. As he was three steps far from the exit, he accidentally fell into a big hole which might have lead him to bedrock, he survived, as he was caught by Sam, who revived with time. They went into the mine, Sam told Steve it was night too. A pool of lava was in front of them and a Zombie was behind them, Steve kicked the Zombie into the hole and got the sword "A blue, non-diamond sword?" "Hey, I know that, I used to play with it when I was younger" Sam said "I thought it was a toy until a Zombie came and I fought back with it. It hurt the Zombie badly, then I knew I held a weapon. Another Zombie took two of mine and I lost both of them, so, if you got one, where's the other Lapis Sword?" "It broke." Sam wasn't disappointing though, they tried jumping over the lava, but it was no use, Steve got some stone and made a bridge to the other side, they finally found a chest, it had 20 pieces of bread, more than enough to revive everyone, they gave them the food, and they woke up. A new member was coming to join, his name was Satren.

Chapter 19 - Trouble brews

The group took the rest of the bread and headed back to camp. They were functioning very successfully as a team, and thought the worst was behind them. How very wrong they were. A few weeks later, Satren was on the run from a group of traders. He had stolen a bag of goods and he was being chased by two Endermen and what may have been an Elf. He jumped a ridge, rolled down a hill, got to his feet, and continued running.  He hit the Beacon's border and felt it's energy surge through his body. He put on a burst of speed and leapt ten feet in the air, sailing over the wall. "Hey guys!" He said, landing next to Cody and Dr. Dray. "I found some cool stuff!" He showed them the bag. Hissing was heard on the other side of the wall. The Endermen had caught up. Dr. Dray turned to Satren. "Did you steal this?" He asked. "Uhh..." Satren offered in reply. Dray groaned. He unbarred the front gate and went up to the Endermen. He hissed something to them, probably Enderspeak for "Do you speak English?" because one replied as such. "The young one stole a bag of our merchandise. Might we have it back?" It said in a way that made you think that's how a snake would talk if it could. "Of course. Here you go." He gave it to the Endermen. Satren made a rude hand gesture at the Enderman when it looked at him. It turned on it's heel and moved away. Dr. Dray immediately turned to Satren. "Why did you steal that stuff?!" He shouted. "I was out of cash and he looked at me funny." Satren said. "We're supposed to help people, not cause trouble with them. Who knows what they'll do for revenge! Traders can be vengeful. Especially Enderman traders."

Meanwhile, in the nearby town's pub, a discussion was taking place in the back room. "First, you run in and destroy all of these guys (and I mean ALL of them) and their base. Then, we pay you a great deal of money in precious materials. Do we have a deal?" The bilingual Enderman asked, his Elf colleague at his shoulder. "Of course. We will dispatch these vermin. After all, they have done us ill as well..." "What did they do?" The Elf asked. "They killed our master." the wither cultist said.

Chapter 20 - Cascade

The sun didn't rise over the base the next day. When the time came for dawn, dark clouds rolled in. This didn't worry anyone much; they simply continued with the day's work. Things were fine. Suddenly, Steve heard something go hissssssssssss.... He jumped away from the wall just as it exploded, bits of wood and dirt flying everywhere. Several small objects flew over his head, and nearly the entire camp was obstructed by smoke capsules going off. Steve turned towards the hole in the wall. Figures were striding towards him. They wore creepy habits and were chanting. "Oi, you!" Steve shouted at them, "What do you want with us?" "You killed our master." the one in the lead said. "What?" "The Wither is dead. You killed it. You will suffer." He drew a long black sword. It wasn't made of anything Steve could recognize. Before he could blink, the cultist was right in front of him, the sword was coming down towards his head. He parried the strike, backing up. He had an advantage. The beacon gave him  power. Not these madmen. He blocked the next strike, shifting his weight so the swordsman lost his balance. An arrow sailed past his head and caught another cultist in the shoulder. He had been advancing with a knife. Steve looked around, trying to find Blaze through the smoke, and he got punched in the face. He rolled and got to his feet, dodging another swipe. He picked up a large plank of wood and swung in the direction of his opponent. It caught him on the side of the face, knocking him down. Steve picked up his and his foe's sword. "Come on and get me!" he shouted in a rage. "It is not just you we want." The lead cultist said from the ground. "You will all be obliterated." Horror and realization dawned on Steve's face. He ran into the fog and ducked behind a box. To his surprise, the rest of his friends were back there. "Hey, Ste-" "No time, they're gonna blow us up! Get to the mine!" Steve hissed. They stealth-crawled towards the hole and shut the hatch. Cody lit a torch. "What now?" He asked. "We wait for them to leave."

Hours past, and the group finally left the mine. There was nothing. The grass was gone, replaced with scorched dirt. Small chunks of what was left of the wall were strewn about, some on fire. Dr. Dray sank to his knees at the smashed remains of his beacon. "What do we do now?" Satren asked. "I think the village is a good place to rebuild. We could stay at an empty house or something." Cron suggested, "There's plenty of valuables left in the mine that we could use to pay for stuff. Those in favor?" All hands went up. "Off we go then."

And they set off, wondering if their quest, whatever it turned out to be, would ever end.

Chapter 21 - Stronghold Trouble

The team set off into the mines to find the village they were looking for, Steve saw a Diamond Ore, he mined it and got several others, after getting 15 diamonds, he crafted a Diamond Sword and a Diamond Pickaxe. The others had some iron in their hands, they crafted iron armor for everyone "I think with this armor we cannot be hurt easily" Steve said, they found a village but all houses were destroyed, villagers were hiding in little holes in the cave, there was a Stronghold beside the village, it was very big. Steve got some food from abandoned villager chests and set off into the Stronghold, the place was old and dusty, cracked pieces of Stone Bricks were on the floor. Steve saw an enormous horde of Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons and Creepers, each took on one, the Zombies took on Sam, the skeletons took on Blaze, Satren and Dr Dray, the Creepers and Spiders took on Steve, Cron and Cody. They all successfully defeated them with strong swords, but, 3 Endermen came their way and attacked Steve, he used his Diamond Sword and defeated them with a single strike. The team saw Silverfish come their way, so they attacked them and got to the End Portal, Steve crafted some Ender Eyes and placed them in the portal frames. The portal revealed a large black space inside, everyone jumped inside, they were now in The End.


This story will continue on a new page called "Steve's Adventure - The Finale"