The all around the world update. Is an update set dated to release 2018.

Added Mobs-

Carabao (Tamable, and spawns in Asia)

Coati (spawns in South America)

Moose (spawns in North America)

Ibex (spawns in the Alps.)

Monkey (spawns in South America, and Africa)

Ninja (spawns in Asia.)

Emperor (spawns in Asian towns)

Moray Eel (spawns in Pacific Oceans)

Added Items-

Raw Moose (dropped by Moose)

Crystals and Gems (dropped by Emperors)

Monkey Meat (dropped by Monkeys)

Raw Eel (dropped by Moray Eels)

Bamboo (dropped by Bamboo trees)

Cherry Leaves (dropped by Cherry trees by shears)

Plants and Trees-

Bamboo (Common in Asia)

Cherry Trees (Common in Asia)

Shame Plant (Common everywhere, except Canada and the Alps.)

New Abilities-

Players can now jump higher in the ninja suit.

Players can do ninja moves in the ninja suit

Players have a climbing animation when they are in the Alps

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