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The Intelligent Mobs Update (also known as the Biogen update) is a fanmade minecraft update that was created by Carterma. As the name implies, this update will bring drastic changes to mob behavior

Mob Behavior

In this new update, mobs have become much smarter and have changed drastically. With the update, mobs will act more like animals in the real world in ways such as behavioral patterns, breeding and more.

Cross Breeding-One feature in this update is that mobs can sometimes breed with other species of mobs which creates entirely new species. This can happen rarely in the wild but can be genetically done as well.One example is,of course,a horse breeding with a donkey,which will give out a mule.


Hibernation/Estivation- Another feature is that Sheep, Pigs, Husks, and Slimes will freeze in place, called hibernating.

Migration-A feature in this update is that Chickens, Squids, and Strays will migrate to a different area.

Water drinking-Another feature is that all mobs (chickens,sheeps,cows,mooshroms,goats,rabbits and pigs) have to drink water.If they don't,they will slowly die off.This can be a real problem in savannas and deserts. 

New Mobs

Goats have been added to minecraft.They behave just like any other animal.They can also be milked,just like cows.They have 10 hp.

Bisons are neutral mobs that have 30 hp.They deal 4 hearts of damage,which can kill the player rather quickly.They can only be found near waters in savannas.They are rarely found near rivers too.Of course,being a neutral mob,it will only be aggravated by hitting it.


Cross breeder - genetically create a mule by using the genes of a horse and a donkey.

Science Features

Other new Features

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