The Nether, aka Hell or the Underworld, is a lava-filled dimension of gigantic caverns, monstrous creatures, mysterious Fortresses and a deadly army of demonic monsters poised to conquer the world. The Nether is hell, a fiery realm of monstrous beings poised to conquer the world. Some claim that Herobrine is the King of the Nether, but this is unconfirmed.


  • Nether Fortress 42
  • Tartarus Ocean
  • Hades Dock
  • The Portal
  • Temple of the Voice
  • Glowstone Mines
  • Wither's Fortress

Destruction of Minecraftia

Testificate and Steve were trapped in the Nether while on an unknown mission. Steve is currently trapped in the Temple of the Voice and is slated for execution in 72 hours. Testificate had amnesia and escaped from prison in Nether Fortress 42 to try and save Steve.

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