"The Stronghold" is a canon based around a group of Humans and Anthromorphics living in part of a gargantuan stronghold. It is over a thousand times the size of a regular stronghold, and the characters are, at the start, confined to the only three rooms that they have made safe. They will continue to expand as they learn more from their elders, and archive it into the "font" all the knowledge they have. They have befriended Anthromorphic spiders, who cannot speak the human's tongue, but can understand humans and read and write in Galactic basic, the language used in Minecraft. The entire canon is confined to the Stronghold itself, which does not present a problem, as the stronghold, at the moment, is apparently infinite.


Below is a list of all the sects inhabiting the stronghold.

The Xi Sect

The Omega Sect

The Delta Sect

The Psi Sect

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