The Update Aquatic-2nd Wave is an upcoming major update with the possible release date in spring of 2021. It will continue with the objective of the Update Aquatic, which was to expand the dull oceans of minecraft. This update adds more to the now more lively oceans, mainly to the oceans, but also to rivers and ponds

Planned Additions


Pearl Block

  • Made from 9 pearls



  • Found inside of Clams
  • Uses not decided yet, but can be made into Pearl Blocks


  • Made from 7 glass in a U Shape
  • A fish can be put in here to keep as a pet.


  • Spawn on the sides of Wetland Biomes
  • Will have a secret use that has not been decided yet.





Sea Squirt


  • Appears in high quantities in Wetland Biomes
  • No real use, but they conceal hidden alligators, making the wetlands a bigger challenge to pass through

Frog Legs




  •  Clams spawn in the Tidepools of the Seashore Biome
  •  Super hard shells, but if opened, drop Clam Meat
  •  Very rare chance of dropping pearls


  •  Starfish also spawn in Tidepools
  •  Do not drop anything, they are just here to make the Tidepools seem more alive


  • Spawn in deep oceans
  • Usually passive, but may attack the player if it feels threatened
  • Swim in packs of 1-3
  • Very, very rare Megalodon variety that is very hostile


  • Spawn in deep oceans, and are the largest mob in the game
  • Unlike other mobs, they can be climbed on top of as if they were made of solid blocks.
  • Shoot water from their blowholes.
  • Immensely hard to kill, but will drop blubber


  • Greenish skeleton men in pirate clothes with swords
  • Spawn in the Pirate Waters biome on the moving "Pirate Ships"
  • Will shoot cannonballs at you


  • A passive mob that has the top of a female minecraft girl skin, and the bottom of a fish
  • They swim around in coral reefs and can interact with the players
  • Like villagers, they can trade with the player


  • Hoppy, passive mobs that spawn in swamp and wetland biomes
  • Can swim underwater but usually hang out on lilypads
  • Drop frog legs


  • Build Dams in Rivers
  • Do not drop anything




World Generation

New Biomes

Icy Seashores

Pirate Waters



Ocean Currents



Planned Changes

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