The Minecraft World of Colour 2 Update

The Minecraft: World of Colour Update (1.12) was released June 7th 2017, It was a great update adding things from concrete to parrots.

But there were some colour changes that just weren't there so in this update it would fix all that!


  • Bricks in all the colours 
  • Limestone,Basalt and Dacite all of which are common stone variations 
  • Dyed planks (Including the stairs,doors ect.)
  • Leather blocks in all the colours 
  • New banner designs: Torch,Pickaxe,Potion,ZigZag and Redstone Dust
  • Made black terracotta more black
  • Added teleporter block, crafted with a wither star surrounded by eye of enders, to use you must craft the Ender Staff and right-click it
  • You can add a banner to Glazed Terracotta to make a custom design 
  • Added Spell Binder, crafted with an enchantment table combined with a End Crystal, same idea as enchantment table just makes spells (used for staffs) and uses Walker Scales instead of Lapis
  • Chests of every wood type and every colour 
  • Obsidian Door, can only be opened and broken by the player that placed it
  • Dyed Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns
  • All coloured Slime Blocks


  • You can shear and dye Llamas
  • You can shear and dye Shulkers 
  • Baby Chickens are now their own mob, Chicks
  • If a Villager gets hit with The Evokers new attack, it has a 50% chance of turning into a new illiger, The Teleporter
  • New illiger, The Teleporter attacks with an iron shovel, is fast and teleports every 6-14 seconds
  • New End Mob The Walker, looks like a short enderman with a corrupt face has 15 health is fast and drops Walker Scales used for the Spell Binder
  • Added the Withered Slime a slime with slightly more health,damadge and effects the player with wither
  • Slimes come in all colours
  • Added turtle, drops Turtle Shell used to make Tursidian Armour 
  • Added a Mesa Spider called The Rush, when hit effects the player with Nausea 


  • Added Tursidian Armour which is crafted with obsidian and turtle shells, has 1 more defense than diamond armour
  • Added Iron, Gold, Diamond and Ender Staffs which all use spells (with the exeption of Ender)
  • Walker Scales
  • Withered Slimeball
  • Coloured Slimeballs
  • Added Turtle Shell
  • Added Chocolate Cake which is crafted the same as cake but with coco beans
  • Added Bomb

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