Tiger Mo Creatures

Temporary- Mo Creatures (By Dr.Zhark) representation of a Tiger.

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Tigers are hostile mobs that hunt passive mobs and players, they are roughly as common as an enderman, placing it in the category of Uncommon, and spawn exclusively in Jungles and Taigas. Tigers have 15 hearts and are untamable save for the cubs which have a 25% chance to spawn. Cubs can be tamed if fed 5-10 bones or 2-4 raw pork, chicken or beef, you must then place a Cat Collar on the said cub and name it. They have a standing and sitting position, similar to wolves.


During the day, tigers will actively seek cover in below ground 'burrows' or under small trees or bushes, while at night they hunt passive mobs and players. Tigers are quite tall, roughly the size of the player in terms of height and being 3 blocks long, in their sitting position they are 1 and a half blocks long and 2 blocks high. Tigers will not pursue prey outside of the biome they spawned in. They can run twice as fast as the player

Taming and Breeding

As stated before tiger cubs can be tamed by feeding them specific things and then being given a cat collar. Tigers grow to full size in 10 Minecraft days, they can be healed by being fed cat food, raw pork, beef or chicken. Right-clicking them will make them sit.

Breeding involves feeding 2 full grown tigers Cat Hearts which will initiate love mode. Tigers require a pen at least 4x4x4 to breed, with no players within 10 blocks of them. Breeding may breed a White Tiger (1 in 10 chance), a Grey tiger (1 in 30 chance) and breeding a White and Grey tiger together may produce a Black Tiger (1 in 50 chance).

White, Grey, and Black Tigers

White Tigers have 20 hearts and can be ridden with a Big Cat Saddle, they can jump 3 blocks. Grey Tigers have 25 hearts and can be ridden with a Big Cat Saddle, they can jump 6 blocks. Black Tigers run 3 times faster than the player, have 30 hearts can be ridden with a Big Cat Saddle and can jump 9 blocks.


  • Sumatran/Bengal Tiger- Spawns in Jungles.
  • Siberian Tiger- Spawns in Taigas.
  • White, Grey and Black Tigers- Breed-able only.
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