Tokens are items that affect the player's inventory in different ways. Multiple of the same tokens' effects do not stack.

Outer Armor Token

The Outer Armor Token gives the player extra armor slots which can be used for Outer Armor. This allows players to use Outer Armor and normal armor at the same time.

More information can be found at its page.

Dual-Wield Token

The Dual-Wield Token allows the player to dual-wield weapons. On versions prior to 1.9, it gives the effect currently present in vanilla Minecraft. On and after 1.9, it augments the offhand slot in order to work as a normal hotbar slot.

More information can be found at its page.

Second Hotbar Token

The Second Hotbar Token allows the player to access the second row of their inventory as a hotbar. The hotbars scroll into one another, and the secondary hotbar can be hotkeyed by pressing its slot's respective number key twice in a row.

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