aka charlie

  • I live in your house you creepers
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is being an odd boi
  • I am A BOI
  • CptChuck07

    In Spring of this year, we were at our peak developing our Ocean Update, the Update Aquatic. But if you remember, we announced the Update Flammable at E3 2018, following E3 just a month later, Snapshots were starting to burn in. But now we have developed 1.14 enough to make it burn through as the actual release. It's also very ironic we release this in December, because it's actually the coldest time of the year! Brrrr! Well... you could stay warm with... The Update Flammable! So shall we get to the features?

    • Added new brick set: Netherrack Bricks
    • Added new tree type: Netheroak (Hint! It can't burn! It lives in the nether!)
    • Revamped the Nether Fortress structure to look and feel more like a hallway maze.
      • Uses Netherrack Bricks and Magma Bricks …
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