In Spring of this year, we were at our peak developing our Ocean Update, the Update Aquatic. But if you remember, we announced the Update Flammable at E3 2018, following E3 just a month later, Snapshots were starting to burn in. But now we have developed 1.14 enough to make it burn through as the actual release. It's also very ironic we release this in December, because it's actually the coldest time of the year! Brrrr! Well... you could stay warm with... The Update Flammable! So shall we get to the features?

  • Added new brick set: Netherrack Bricks
  • Added new tree type: Netheroak (Hint! It can't burn! It lives in the nether!)
  • Revamped the Nether Fortress structure to look and feel more like a hallway maze.
    • Uses Netherrack Bricks and Magma Bricks
  • Added new advancements
    • Nether
      • Adventuring Time... in the Nether? - Discover Nether Biomes
    • Husbandry
      • Bring Home The Nether Warts! - Get a Nether Wart Cow into the Overworld
      • Dimension-Crossing Cows - Breed a Mooshroom/Cow with a Nether Wart Cow
      • Plants Are Not Cheap! - Grow Nether Wart on Coarse Dirt
    • Minecraft
      • Acquire Hotware - Produce a Magma Brick
      • We Need To Go Higher - Leave the Nether
    • The End
      • What's This? - Build a Nether Portal in the End using Purpobsidian 
  • Added new brick set: Magma Brick
  • Added new block: Purpobsidian
    • Replaces Obsidian in End City Ships
    • Cannot be crafted
  • Illusioners have been redesigned and now spawn in Woodland Mansions.
    • Blindness Attack - the Illusioner pulls out a blindness arrow and shoots you with it. The Blindness lasts for 30 seconds. While you're stunned by the Blindness, he will try to attack you with Damage II arrows.
    • Wizardry Attack - the Illusioner would Blind you with the Blind Arrow and then start spawning fake creatures to surround you. The fake mobs would disappear a few seconds after the Blind effect stopped.
    • Illusioners spawn from Level 1 up
  • Removed Herobrine
  • Fixed a slew of bugs
  • Changed textures to Jappa's new textures 

I miss the old textures! Can I get ahold of them?

Yes! You can pick the textures you use in the Resource Packs menu. A button named "Default..." will be present and will take you to a menu where you can pick the Default textures!

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