Creatures of the Void. Wow.

          As of today, the series has been ongoing for exactly three years- though, in two days, it will not have received an update in one year. This was not my intent, by the way. Chapter 24, another digression to the far past of Hestion, has been in progress ever since the day I finished 23, and I've just been putting off working on it. Were it to be completed and published, I have no doubt it would be the largest entry in the entire series by a few hundred bytes at least. But I digress.

          I'm moving forward in my own circles, and I have begun angling towards more legitimate writing than Minecraft stories on Wikia. Since a bit of the way into Season Two, I've had ideas of publishing, truly publishing, Creatures of the Void as a book series.

          Though I hold no ill will toward Minecraft or this wiki (quite the opposite, I love both the game and all of you), as the story of Creatures of the Void has fleshed out in full it has become much more fitting for a true book series than one of Minecraft fanon. I toyed with the idea of finishing CotV and publishing as is, but I soon realized that if I am to become a professional author in any respect, publishing Minecraft stories would seem too juvenile to the general public.

          As of today I am officially discontinuing Creatures of the Void (as well as ceasing updates to the Hiresis), at least its iteration here. I am far too invested in CotV to ever drop the idea completely, but it is likely I might not ever finish it here. I am, for similar reasons, discontinuing Craft to Rebel, although it wasn't exactly active, having only one chapter which I published in 2016. The planned series Pioneers of Rain will also not come to fruition from this.

          The future of CotV will indeed be a book series: one that follows the same plotline, but with different character names, some different events, and a wildly different beginning. Most importantly it will not be linked back to my identity here. I am unsure if I will ever find a way to show this wiki the finished product, but if I do not you may just have to find it yourself.

          In any case, I am not at all done on this wiki; I still have TGS: Subcode to finish, Sad's Fanon to expand, and other ideas to write on. I may one day finish and publish Chapter 24. But as of right now, CotV is over.

          Much love,
                    Sad My skin head 16

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