Guess who got sick today?

Me. The answer is me.

I was feeling stomachally weird in my first two classes, but third hour decided to ramp up the war inside my body. I had been feeling on-and-off peaceful, but I stopped feeling anything less than a gut battle. My friend was very nice and kept being happy n stuff to me. She's a good person.

So what I thought would be a five-minute excursion to the restroom ended up lasting until after class ended. I went back in and sat down and called my mom who didn't answer or come pick me up.

I literally sat there on my phone throughout the entirety of the lunch period because I could barely move. I eventually did have to move over due to fourth period starting and people coming in, after which the teacher said "okay but you have to leave this class now". I was basically like "No, you don't understand, I physically can't move from this chair" and then my stomach decided that yes I should leave the chair and run to the restroom as soon as possible.

Long story short I failed and ended up puking in the trash can while people came in, all the while profusely apologizing to them.

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