Chromebolt Clover and Fadl3321mario have been making quizzes on their blogs. I'm not good at solving them, so I decided that if you can't beat em', join em'! I'm making a little quiz, and whoever solves it will receive:

a) 64 Creeper spawn eggs b) A volcano (as seen in the Better Dungeons mod) c) Enough Iron Ingots and Pumpkins to make 200 Iron Golems d) Two large chests full of Diamond Ore

So, here goes:

1: I can fly, but I'm not a bat, and I can have a Creeper face, but my explosion never hurt a soul. What item am I?

2: In the darkness of caves and the shadows of night, I stalk you and I never leave you alone. What mob am I?

3: Pick me up and put me in a place where my giant brethren grow, then feed me the remains of a dead archer and see me join them high above you. What item am I?

4: Hell he made first, then the opposite he tried to create, but he never finished and so he made me from the remains of heaven. What world am I?

5: In a time that never came to be, I would have lived in houses and roamed the Overworld, but instead of heaven I am trapped in hell to mine gold. What mob am I?

6: I have been many people with many names, but I am only one man. Who am I?

7: I was brethren of mankind, but monster I was called and banished eleven times by Notch. What mob am I?

8: I am a lonely women of the swamps who lives in a hut, and if you disturb me I will kill you. What mob am I?

9: I live only in strange and distant corners of the world, and I cannot be mined unless you sacrifice diamond, book and portal frame and get lucky. What block am I?

10: I was a building that stood many times and many ways, first out of wood, then of moss-covered stone, and then I was buried in time and data. What structure was I?

11: One of bone and bow, the other of bomb and trigger. One looks at you and shoots his bow but the second pays a price. From this mixing of arrow and gunpowder is born nine, now ten of me. What item am I?

Guess in the comments below, and good luck!

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