Village idiots are passive mobs resembling villagers that live in NPC villages. He has a body made up of multiple blocks, allowing flexibility. Idiots also have unlimited hearts, movable eyes, movable nose, and movable mouth, allowing it to express its stupidity.


  • Durrrrrr....woof woof!
  • Doyeeee...
  • Durrrrrr...
  • Pretzel chicken banana creeper...
  • Ender dragon mushroom saladz...
  • Duuuuuuhhhhhhhhh....
  • Creeper face!

Expressions of ignorance

Village idiots, thanks to their dynamic body movement, can show ignorance. They even say "Duhhh" to make it more convincing. They even react to the stupidest things. For example, if the player builds a completely accurate upright dirt sculpture of a creeper's face, a nearby village idiot will run towards the model and climb all over it using his mouth. Another stupid thing that they do is walk up to the player, and turning around, bending over and farting into the player's face. Another example of his retardation is that he even ends up falling in love with a pig. When a village idiot and a pig fall in love, a baby pig with the face and clothes of villager will spawn. Also, if a village idiot sees a lake of water or pond of lava, he will swim in it either like a fish or a duck. Village idiots are also efficient trackers. I will list all of his acts of stupidity.

  • He can be tamed with a bone, allowing you to have your own stupid sidekick.
  • He will bump into the walls of houses.
  • He loves to ride pigs.
  • He loves to ride entelodonts.
  • He farts on pig spawners.
  • He can be trained to sniff out other villagers.
  • He can be trained to sniff out wheat.
  • He can be trained to sniff out nether portals.
  • He walks towards creepers.
  • He can be trained to sniff out wolfs.
  • He will bump into trees.
  • He will be attracted by a large glowstone.
  • He can be ridden like a horse.
  • During the night, he will bury himself.
  • Sometimes, he will eat seeds, then later, poop out wheat.
  • He can be trained to find pig spawners.


  • Climb- using his mouth as a sucker, the village idiot will climb up any surface.
  • Swim- The idiot can swim anywhere, like a duck in the water, like a fish in the lava.
  • Behavior switch- if hit with a bone, he will act like a dog, if hit with a fish, he will act like a cat, if hit with a sapling, he will act like a tree, if hit by a cactus, he will act like a cactus, if hit by piece of bread, he will just act like his regular old stupid self.
  • Indestructibility- The idiot cannot be killed ever
  • Inbreeding- the idiot can fall in love with anything, even a zombie.
  • Fart- The idiot can fart in order to scare off any foe.