The Voidwarp Corruption is the Voidwarp dimension of Muriminus.


The Voidwarp Corruption is a large, approximately 50-block wide island made of Blackstone with solid Corruptinium Crystal pillars in the shapes of even larger crystal structures. These pillars are often generated askew or in positions other than upright and will explode if a block is mined or destroyed due to the nature of Corruptinium Crystal. They are spaced far enough apart that it is extremely rare that the explosion of one can cause the explosion of another. These regenerate if the dimension is reentered and Muriminus is still alive.


To access the Voidwarp Corruption, a series of other dimensions must be traversed first.

Celestis and Withus

The Celestis and Withus must be entered and their respective boss hierarchies be destroyed.


  • Within the Between-space, the seven Sinmur Stones must be collected and their respective Voidwarp subdimensions and bosses must be accessed and defeated.
  • The loot from all the bosses must be combined together with a Broken Relic to create a Celestis Orb.
  • Each dimension's Sinmur must be combined together with a Blank Sinmur and the Celestis Orb to create the Blackened Sinmur, with which the Voidwarp Corruption can be accessed.


  • In Agency Entry: Zeta Seventeen, the 7 Agency recreates a Blackened Sinmur and enters the Voidwarp Corruption.
  • Due to Muriminus' status as a character in Creatures of the Void, it appears multiple times throughout the series.
    • Its first appearance is in CotV Chapter Eight, though it is not explicitly mentioned, when Muriminus' first cameo occurs at the end of the chapter.
    • It reappears in the season finale when Muriminus fails to take full control of Steve, creating a midair rift between the Voidwarp Corruption and the Overworld through which Muriminus attempts to force Steve into the dimension. He is only stopped by Alex throwing Herobrine directly into him while he casts Aelas Avian.

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