The Windstorm ability is an ability given to the player when the Wind Amulet is equipped.


When the Wind Amulet is equipped to the player, they can shift-click to blast a powerful wind in front of them. The higher the charge of the amulet's Stamina Reliquary, the longer the attack can last. It does not have an Aptitude Vessel, as the Reliquary acts as both lifetime and charge.

Translucent, gray potion particles denote where the wind is being shot. It works much like hitting an enemy with a stream of snowballs, minus the damage animation. The ability carries for six blocks in front of the player, after which the particles will disappear.

The ability works alongside any right-click except placing. For example, sword-blocking with the Amulet equipped will use the ability, but placing a torch in a mine will not use it.

Side-Along Effect

For more information, see Side-Along Abilities.

  • A two-player Side-Along Windstorm creates a double-strength windstorm that blasts twice as far and twice as fast.
  • A three-player Side-Along Windstorm makes a small whirlwind of smoke and cloud particles that will carry things it hits around in a circle and into the air temporarily. This whirlwind will dissipate when the attack is stopped.
  • A four-player Side-Along Windstorm makes a larger whirlwind out of smoke, cloud, and explosion particles. This will also carry up some small blocks like sand and dirt. It will dissipate three seconds after the attack is stopped.
  • A five-player Side-Along Windstorm makes a far larger whirlwind that will carry up stone and ores. It takes ten seconds after the attack is stopped for it to dissipate, around which point things that are picked up are generally at the top, where they will be dropped and suffer large amounts of fall damage if not death.
  • When a Side-Along Windstorm is combined with the Flamewave ability, the fire in the ability will fuse with the attack and set fire to players and mobs hit with the attack.
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