Wither Sword

Wither Sword is a Sword in Orangecraft you can craft or get a drop from Wither Skeletons, neutarly they spawn in Wither Skeleton's hands (rarely stone sword) and can be a rare drop from them if they hold them.


NB = Nether Brick (not the block, the item.)

WSS = Wither Skeleton Skull

Q = Quartz

NOTE: Crafted with the Golden Crafting Table .

Q Stick Q Stick Q


Wither Swords can wither any mob they attack, it is really useful and can be found in Nether Fortress Chests. Becareful, the Durabillity is as strong as Iron. This sword really affects Wither Skeletons and Withers, so using this against them is good.

Wither TNT

Punching TNT with the sword in hand will light the TNT and turn it into Wither TNT, which is about the explosion of a Charged Creeper. You can also Craft it with the Sword and TNT.


  • Even though the durability is like Iron, the strength is like Diamond, adding the wither effect, its more of a obsidian sword.
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